New Clips just added Mr Slave Shakey

October has been a very very busy month and I am pleased to announce that this weekend I have uploaded 12 brand new clips to my store 

3 clips are the latest on Mr Slave Shakey’s Live journal. He is being taken to new ground continually and his latest visit is no different.
6 clips are  with a young man who I called patient d as he initially came to see me  in my capacity as Nurse V. d has been to see me several times and has become a regular  but he wanted to progress his personal journey and test his submissive side. These clips see him on his first Dungeon visit and he spends several hours on my “Introduction Session” and I have to say that he thoroughly enjoyed his visit and is converted.
The last 3 clips see my as a guest of the Wonderful Mistress Dometria, Brighton’s very own Sadist who is renowned for her Hardcore filming Sessions.
In a clip released earlier this month, we penetrate and impregnate our slave and this 3 clips are in the Medical room inducing  the Anal Birthing of our twins
Whatever your tastes are, there is something there to suit everyone.
Filming has increased and there will be more variations appearing in the coming months
If you have any requests and they are feasible then please drop me a line and I will see what I can do
In the meantime, lot’s of Love and remember that I like to “KEEP IT REAL”

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Domina V aka Vee Barberette is a Professional Australian Dominatrix and Fetish Barber. Owner and creator of Fluffy Boudoir Sissy and Crossdressing Salon.

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