Latest Update Dec 2015

Gday gday gday…..Well doesn’t time fly when you’re having so much fun…I cannot believe its been almost 4 weeks since I landed in the land of Oz. So I have had a little break and I was going to take the rest of the year off but I just couldnt help myself and I was eager to get back into the swing of things and even though I am waiting patiently for my things to arrive off the boat….which will most likely take a couple of months, I have now opened up my bookings diary and will be taking on appointments till the end of this year.
Yay!! I hear ya…I know I know…Little old me just can’t seem to sit still for very long, But, I think my body has had plenty of rest and my sun tan is coming along nicely thank you….So I am now ready for ACTION! and taking on new bookings.¬†

Today the weather wasn’t the greatest….Yes it was raining but it didn’t stop me from catching up with two of my special Aussie friends¬† Latex Designer Matt Bylett and my beautiful Mistress friend Sindy Skin .

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