I really enjoy filming though I do not get the chance to film as much as I would like as I’m pretty busy with one to one sessions. My style of filming is very different and unique compared to whats out there. Filming is not free, its still classed as a session and you will be required to pay my standard session rate though it will work out cheaper for you as it takes a few hours to film, I do not like to rush when I’m filming, which means you get to spend more time with Me. You do not need to have filming experience as it’s all about Me not you, but you must be genuine, open-minded and someone who likes to have fun during sessions.

A deposit must be paid in advance. All clips will be added to My clip stores and photos will be used on My website and social media platforms to promote the clip. All applicants will sign a model release form and must show photo ID. All information is kept private and confidential for My records only. During filming you do not have to show your face though some people don’t mind but, I am happy to cover your face with either a hood or mask, which ever you’re comfortable with. If you are happy with My terms and you would like to be part of My video collection then fill in the form with your inquiry. All fields must be completed otherwise the form will not send.

 Filming Inquiry

Please make an effort with your inquiry. If I agree to see you I will require a tribute of $50.00 to show Me that you are genuine. Once you have paid the tribute I will forward you My private online questionnaire.