Whilst looking for something a little out of the ordinary for my friend, Mark’s Stag Do, I came across Violetta De Rose and her friends Brighton Dungeon. The epitome of bad taste we had decided to dress Mark up as Jimmy Savile and asked Vee if she would consider putting on a show for the boys! Vee really took on board what we wanted to do – humiliate the groom – and she was fantastic in her role as a school girl punishing ‘Jimmy’ for all the bad things he had done. Mark had never been more nervous in his life waiting for his punishment but Vee put on a fantastic show for all the guys and most importantly….gave Mark a Stag Do experience he would never forget. The only shame is that we are sworn to secrecy as this would seriously compromise the wedding!!!

Violetta, thanks again for putting Jimmy to right in what was a weird, wonderful and hilarious retribution. Apologies again for Mark’s poor choice of underwear!

Mark actually did get married last weekend after everything we put him through and Yes, you were featured in the best man speech!

I had the pleasure of working with WORLDMISTRESS in 2010 whilst Managing the iconic Candy Bar in London. During my time with WORLDMISTRESS I quickly learnt that her passion to perform was so much more than just a job to her – It was her life, and that’s why she made it look so easy.
As a performer and employee at the Candy Bar, I found WORLDMISTRESS to be incredibly easy to work with – She was easy going, flexible and more than happy to help us out. She performed and contributed to Candy Bar on a weekly basis and quickly became a favourite of many of our regulars, my staff and myself!
In short, WORLDMISTRESS will wow you with her creativity, attractiveness and up beat spirit. If you want a show, a professional show, this is one woman that won’t disappoint you!
Keira Page

WORLDMISTRESS is a talented performer. Her shows are carefully crafted and she never fails to leave an audience entertained. She really thinks about what a crowd would like to see, and everything- from her costumes, make-up, dance moves, and music, are meticulously put together to create an engaging and unique show. I have worked with WORLDMISTRESS on a research project and she was always helpful, informative, professional and great at keeping in touch. I wish her the best of luck with her future shows.
Katy Pilcher

Vee is one of the sexiest most captivating performer I have seen in London. She’s a femme fatale , yet fragile. A perfect combination of beauty and elegance! Definatelly one of my top ten
El Conchitas (Die-Freche MUsic, Shoredicth Radio, Conchitas Cabaret)

After seeing a few of Worldmistresses shows i was pleasantly surprised by her uniqueness and great standard of work. she is a magnificent burlesque performer and she can deliver really well choreographed routines and on top of that she is a feast for the eye because she is really beautiful and fit too! I will go and watch her perform again when i will have a chance and would truly recommend to anyone who really likes burlesque to go and see her. you wont be let down!!!
Stefan Rou

That’s how she will leave you this sexy Australian Vixen.
The stage is where she belongs. She can dominate it with charm, confidence and a  dash of naughtiness with real sex appeal.
Not only will  she steal your heart with her enchanting presence, but she will make you laugh and raise your temperature very high.
Oh yes… your heart will jump when those tassel’s start twirling and blowing your mind.
Words can’t hardly describe this alluring and special performer. You should see it for yourself to really know what I’m talking about…and then you’ll be asking for more.
Her shows are very unique and can please the hardest crowd. We are not talking of just a normal stripteaser, she will take you through an act full of cheekiness and sexiness. I would say she has a style of her own that i would describe as Kinklesque.
So now what you’re waiting for? Book her for your event to see for yourself……………
Geisha Ilaria

This raven haired vixen will leave you breathless and hungry for more! A true Entertainer who has graced stages all over the world , she has created shows based not only around her talents but originality and uniqueness !
Suzie Malone

Vee has worked with me as both a model and stage performer in both capacity Vee was professional ,dedicated and obviously talented ….This is also apparent when you see Vee’s own shows .
All of the prep time and energy Vee puts in before her shows certainly pays off on the night!!
Beautiful ,talented and a dedicated professional …is the best way to describe Vee.

And i will gladly recommend you and look forward to us working together again.

All the best for future ventures.
Matt Bylett

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