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Hercules Olympia with Dometria 2015


Rehearsals for Hercules Olympia 2015

Hercules Olympia with Dometria 2014

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Emcee at The Brighton fetish Weekend 2013

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 Stag Show Brighton

Review from stag party organizer

Whilst looking for something a little out of the ordinary for my friend, Mark’s Stag Do, I came across Violetta De Rose and her friends Brighton Dungeon. The epitome of bad taste we had decided to dress Mark up as Jimmy Savile and asked Vee if she would consider putting on a show for the boys! Vee really took on board what we wanted to do – humiliate the groom – and she was fantastic in her role as a school girl punishing ‘Jimmy’ for all the bad things he had done. Mark had never been more nervous in his life waiting for his punishment but Vee put on a fantastic show for all the guys and most importantly….gave Mark a Stag Do experience he would never forget. The only shame is that we are sworn to secrecy as this would seriously compromise the wedding!!!  Violetta, thanks again for putting Jimmy to right in what was a weird, wonderful and hilarious retribution. Apologies again for Mark’s poor choice of underwear!Mark actually did get married last weekend after everything we put him through and Yes, you were featured in the best man speech!

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 Candy Bar Soho Shows, mixed selection

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