About Violetta De Rose

Violetta De Rose formerly known as WORLDMISTRESS started performing at a very young age. Always encouraged by her parents she would dance for family and friends and in return would receive extra pocket-money. She is trained in gymnastics, Tap Dancing and Jazz ballet. In 1998 she discovered the wonderful world of pole dancing.

Working in venues such as Mens Gallery, Dancers Cabaret & Pure platinum (Sydney), Vauxhall Inn (Sydney), Sefton Playhouse, (Sydney) The Men’s Gallery (Melbourne) & Wild Wild West (Japan). As well as working for Kiss-o-grams in Dublin, Go-go dancing in Spain & VIP boat cruises on The Sydney Harbour.

In 2004 she toured New Zealand with the all-female revue dance group WILDKATZ AUSTRALIA owned by Suzie Malone. She has entered competitions for Miss Erotica Sydney & Miss Indy Australia. She has performed on stage for the Sydney Rubber Balls 1 & 2, Sydney Pride & regular appearances at The Sly Fox Sydney.

In 2008 she travelled to Europe and settled In London. In April 2009 she entered Battle Royal Newcomers competition for The London Burlesque Festival as well as entering the Burlesque Baby Bonanza Newcomers contest. She has competed at the ACE CAFE LONDON for Hostess of the year. In February 2010 she was nominated to perform at the semi-finals for THE EROTIC AWARDS ” Cunning Stunts” for stripteaser of the year & made it to the finals held at The Night Of the Senses in London. Violetta De Rose was the resident performer and Host at Candy Bar Soho in  London from May 2008 until November 2010.

On December 2015 she returned to Sydney after 8 years in the Uk and is currently residing in Wollongong, Australia.