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G'day subscriber,

I hope you are well and happy where ever you are in the world. This month has certainly flown by so quickly, don't you think? I'm told that here in Wollongong it will get really cold in August. Well we shall see about that! When I was living in Brighton on the South Coast of England, I remember the really cold winters we use to have. Cold and very windy. So far the weather here in The Gong hasn't been too bad, well nothing to complain about anyway.

So what have I been up to this month, well besides the usual with uploading more clips to my Clips 4 sale site I've also been busy with my Haircut Fetish Services. I'm so happy that it has taken off so well. I have to say that I am running out of room and I could really do with a much bigger place, So if you know of anyone who can help me out then please do drop me a line. At the moment I have stopped looking around as I've not really had much spare time to do this. So I've put it on hold for now.


Today I was looking at flights as I am planning to visit Europe at the end of this year. I'm hoping to stay for a few months as I know the time will go so quickly and I don't want to be rushing around trying to catch up with everybody. I will also be touring and once I have confirmed my trip I will start taking advance bookings for London and Brighton and hopefully other cities in Europe. I haven't told anyone yet, so lets keep it a secret for now...shhhhhh
dv at the english mansion
I've had some really awesome clients this month. Well all My clients are awesome but this month was especially awesome. I really enjoy doing more extreme sessions where I actually get to inflict pain. I guess that's what happens when you specialise in Sissy and Cross dressing sessions. People think that this is all I do but I also really love to go deep and test peoples limits. I find that the Aussie clients are not into pain as much as the UK and international clients. If I do end up finding a much bigger place here in Wollongong I will make sure I have a space set up just for the pain sluts. I will call it The Torture Corner, what do you think?

Needle play with submissive G

Needle play on slave G
Not all My clients like to be filmed or have their photo taken, but after I've seen them a few times they eventually trust me and know that I would never mention their real name or show their faces. Taking photos of My sessions is a good way for Me to show people what I do and also helps My business. Especially filming.
Needle play on Slave G
This is Slave G and it's his first time with needles. He really enjoyed himself and is coming back for more next week.

Bastinado session with slave A

23-07-18 bastinado with sub A (4)
One of My favourite torture session is Bastinado. Slave A said he will be back for more.
23-07-18 bastinado with sub A (3)
Slave A had his feet and toes nicely bound.
23-07-18 bastinado with sub A implements
These are the implements that I used on his feet. I started off with light strokes, and the occasional tickle. He wanted me to go hard to start of with but I had to keep reminding him that the first session will be light
slave a bastinado after session
Slave sent me this photo after our session. As you can see the bruising. He will be sore for awhile but he deserved it.

New Photos

This month I managed to squeeze in a mini photoshoot. My friend wanted to try out his new camera. What do you think? Do you like them?
16-07-2018 photoshoot by george vargas (9)
16-07-2018 photoshoot by george vargas (1)
16-07-2018 photoshoot by george vargas (6)


So every month I like to read a book or two and then I like to mention it to you guys and ladies. In My last newsletter I mentioned that I was still in the middle of reading a book called ''Almost French, A new Life In Paris'' by Sarah Turnbull. Well I have finished the book and I can now tell you all about it, well maybe not all as I don't want to spoil it for you incase you want to read it. Basically it's a true story of an Aussie journalist who left Australia and travelled to Bucharest and later lived in paris and fell in love with a frenchman. She talks about her struggles trying to fit into the French culture. I really enjoyed this book, I couldn't put it down. I always wanted to know what she would do next, it also brought back memories of when I moved to Europe and was finding it hard to fit in. I think once you've lived the lifestyle here in Australia and then living in another country can really make you realize just how lucky we are but not only that, I think our culture is pretty awesome (oops there's that word again). Living in Europe is so different to Australia that's for sure and to be honest I really like both lifestyles. I wonder if there is a country in the world that has a European lifestyle with an Aussie flavour...Hmm maybe I'll start looking around. What do you think? Can you recommend any places for me?

Anyway back to My book review. So, the latest book I have just finished reading is called "Burned Alive" by SOUAD It is a memoir about a young Palestinian woman. I won't tell you what she went through as I will leave that to your guessing. But I truly recommend this book. A very brave woman who went through a lot....okay enough said
my fav shoes gif
So I often get request from foot fetish admirers and most of them I've never met before.They always ask me for my shoe size because they want to buy me shoes. Well most of these people are time wasters and I really don't know why they bother, but it would be really nice to have a genuine person who really does want to buy me a pair of My favourite heels. Now I'm not into designer shoes and I do prefer boots and I'm Not into Louboutin either. This pair on your left I'm really enjoying as they fit like a glove, they are leather and platforms....They are getting old and I do need a new pair... hint hint.

Urethral Sounding Session

12-07-18 sounding with sub Gaz (3)
12-07-18 sounding with sub Gaz (2)
12-07-18 sounding with sub Gaz (1)
Submissive G just can't get enough of sounding. Now I know this sort of session isn't for everybody and you're probably thinking "what the"?...but each to their own right. This is a very delicate procedure and if it's not done with caution it can cause a lot of damage...you can image.
Today I did a sounding and needle play session, so it is pretty popular, well for me anyway. I like to see it as an art form where the body is My canvas and I get to create what ever I like, and of course it's all safe sane and consensual.
30-07-2018needles and sounding 2
30-07-2018 needles and sounding 1
Okay so let's change the subject shall we? Last week I was invited to dinner and the choice of restaurant was mexican. There wasn't much on the menu that really appealed to me as I am a fussy eater, well I'm actually a vegan and on this menu there was absolutely nothing for me, so sometimes you just have to suck it up and just go for it. I went for the vegetarian option with cheese and sour cream and the next day I was so sick. So I thought I would share that with you incase you ever want to take me out for a yummy meal.
Dominatrix V
Well I think that's about all. I'm very tired and it's way past My bedtime, but I wanted to have this newsletter finished by the end of this month and I did it YAY!!!

If you have any questions or feel like dropping me a line just reply to this newsletter and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have any suggestions or you would like to see me write about anything in particular just let me know.

Thank you for your support.


23-07-2018 hair fetish
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