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G'day and welcome to the first new edition of My newsletter. I have decided that I will be spending less time on writing public blog posts and more time on My newsletters for My loyal subscribers, as to Me YOU are number one on my priority list.

So, where do I start? Well firstly I would like to say a big hello and welcome if you have recently subscribed. Thank you for your support. Without you I wouldn't be doing this.

So for those of you who don't know much about me, I have added photos below with links of the different type of things that I do. I've always had My toes dipped into many things as I very much enjoy doing all sorts of stuff. So if you are interested in BDSM just click on Dominatrix V, or if you are a Sissy or Cross dresser just click onto Fluffy Boudoir. I also provide haircut fetish services (yes I am a qualified hairdresser and barber).

One of my true passions in life is performing on stage and I'm currently in the middle of adding all my wonderful performing content to My website. Its still under construction but when it's finished you will be the first to know...I promise...I am slowly catching up.

As you can see by My past blog posts, I really enjoy writing and sharing My exciting experiences and without you I wouldn't be blogging. I will be making some changes in the next month or so where I will be focusing more on sending out newsletters to My amazing subscribers like you, and spending less time on blogging.

Most of My spare time I'm working on finishing My new website which still has so much stuff that needs to be added. So in between My one-to-one sessions I'm working away in My little office adding some amazing content to My new website. The main content will be clips and photos and a lot of stuff that I have never published before, but I will keep you updated on when its all finished.

My main focus is to keep the public blog post light with less content as I would much rather focus on those that matter and that's you My subscriber. Well I think I have repeated Myself here so lets get to it shall we...

Dominatrix v The English Mansion

Dominatrix V

Domina V with sissy maid chloe

Fluffy Boudoir

Sissy and Cross dressing
Violetta De Rose Queer Femme Kink

Violetta De Rose

Queer Femme Kink Performer
WP_20140628_008 vee

Vee Barberette

Haircut Fetishes
So it's starting to get a little chilly here in Wollongong but that doesn't stop me from going for my early morning walks down by the beach. I feel like I've made this move before when I was living in London and then I moved to the South coast of England to Brighton, though Wollongong isn't as cold and breezy as Brighton, I have to say I am really missing the UK...I never thought I would ever say that, but I have spent 8 years there I'm really missing my family and friends. Will I ever go back I hear you ask, well never say never.

I moved away from Sydney 6 months ago and I have to say it was probably the best decision I have ever made. I guess city life just doesn't agree with me anymore, or maybe that's just part of getting older, but after being away from Sydney for so many years things have certainly changed and I can't say for the better, but we always tend to say...''remember the good old days'' right!

I'm actually not one one to dwell on the past as I like to concentrate on the present moment and I try not to worry too much about the future. Speaking of the future, Last week was SEXPO in Sydney and I got to work alongside some very talented people. Check out the photos and info below:

Harmony The Robotic Sexdoll

So here I am with harmony the Robotic sex doll. She is a creation from Realbotix. I got to work alongside Dr Kino Coursey and Yuri Furuushi. It was so funny seeing peoples faces and reaction to Harmony. I felt sorry for her at one point cause there was a lot of probing and grabbing. At one point the poor thing lost her head cause some idiot decided to be rough with her. I started to really like having Harmony around and I truly think that the future will have as busy with a lot more interesting robotic dolls such as harmony. I already want one. If you're feeling generous and would like to buy me one she's currently worth $10 thousand Aus dollars. Not bad I reckon.
15 -harmony 15-06-2018 sexpo car 2with headless harmony
14-harmony 15-06-2018 SEXPO (14)

Soul Creator Photography

I got to work alongside a very talented lady. Her name is Amber. I helped out with getting people ready for photos with the famous ''back to the future'' car delorean.
17-06-2018 with amber
I had so much fun with Amber we were constantly busy with people wanting photos and a few times the free internet kept breaking down which meant we couldn't email the photos straight away. But overall we managed.

You can check out Ambers work on her facebook page HERE

Mistress Electra Amore

14-06-2018 with mistress electra amore
I got the chance to spend some time with the one and only Mistress Electra Amore. She and Mistress Tokyo were giving workshop talks every hour on the hour. I don't know how they did it cause the fetish corner was so busy and I even got the chance to help them out at the door.

Visiting Sydney

Sydney CBD has certainly changed since the last time I was here. There use to be a monorail which was a single-loop type of train which use to zoom by above your head carrying passengers from one part of the city to the other. It was taken down in 2013 cause people were complaining about the noise it use to make, amongst other things, they said it was an eye-sore... Well all I can say is what a waste of tax payers money, as well as the cost of taking the whole thing down. So during my early morning walk before heading down to Darling Harbour for SEXPO, I took some photos of George street where they have now started on construction to build a light rail. I guess we are just moving forward to improve the flow of traffic as Sydney is getting busier. Lets hope they don't demolish this one too soon, but who knows whats around the corner. The world is moving towards the digital age and I'm wondering when will the floating cars come in like the Jetsons use to have. Well I'm not sure when I'll be visiting Sydney again, I was feeling a little anxious, I guess being inside a busy city just wasn't appealing to me anymore, or maybe it was because the ugly construction of George Street put me off. Maybe I will return once its all finished but maybe I prefer to stay away from crowded cities. I'm enjoying My quiet life down the South, breathing in the fresh sea breeze and not have to worry about the hustle and bustle of city life. What are your thoughts? Have you been to Sydney before? What do you think?
16-06-2018 george street 3 (3)
16-06-2018 george street 3 (2)
16-06-2018 george street 3 (1)

Darling Harbour

16-06-2018 darlingharbour day time 2 (2)
16-06-2018 darlingharbour day time 2 (1)
If you ever plan on visiting Australia then Sydney would be the ideal place to visit. Sydney is a beautiful city especially at night time and make sure you visit Darling Harbour.

Enough About Sydney...What about The Gong aka Wollongong.

22-06-2018 crown street mall bunnies gif
When I was a little girl (not so long ago) we use to drive down to Wollongong. Our main destination was Thirroul where we use to go swimming at the local salt water pool. I have fond memories of My time there and now here I am living the life of a local. Another great place we use to go to was Kiama Blowhole where you will see water reach as high as 25 meters in the air. This is a great place for picnics, though it can get a little busy with tourist and make sure you bring a jacket as it gets very cold.

Last night it was My friends birthday so I took her out for a pizza and wine and we went for a walk through Crown street Mall in Wollongong and came across these huge bunny rabbits. You can read all about the rabbits HERE.

Naturally I had to give the rabbit a huge hug.
beautiful church in the mall
beautiful church in the mall
church at night time
I couldn't resist taking photos of this beautiful church with the moon just above it.

Latest Update on My premises

So, seeing as you have subscribed to My blog I'm hoping that you have spent some time reading through My blog post and catching up on what I've been up to in the past. If you have met me for a session you would know that I have been looking for my own premises to work from here in Wollongong. I am still looking. My aim is to find a private space where I can re-open the Fluffy Boudoir doors as well as My own dungeon play space, though these days I am not interested in a medieval looking dungeon. I much prefer a more classy, domestic looking space without the typical black and red walls. I also want to be able to open a salon where I can still use my hair dressing and makeup skills as well as cater for Cross dressers who want to visit a salon where they will feel safe, and of course clients who want to serve me for BDSM sessions who are not interested in Fluffy Boudoir. My haircut fetish sessions are really picking up and of course I also do the odd NORMAL haircut service without the kink.So if its just a normal haircut you are a after then that can also be arranged. So at the moment I'm working from a place called Tams on 45, yes it's a parlour., but they are only opened from 6 pm which gives me the whole day to have the place to myself. I've had a few clients who have said that they would much prefer to see me in My own private place as they don't feel comfortable going to a parlour, which I totally understand and rest assure I am working towards looking for my own place.
my room before a session
Sissy and cross dressing wardrobe
hairfetish gif

My latest book Review

13-05-2018 the complete book of marquis de sade
almost french
So each month I aim to read a new book and then I like to share it with you about what I thought about the book. Last month I read The Complete Marquis de Sade, and Oh My Goddess...This book just blew me away..The content is vile, filthy and just mind blowing. Did I enjoy reading it? Bloody oath, I couldn't put it down. I actually found this book at a free street library. It was just sitting there waiting for me to pick him up, and I'm so glad I did. So, If you love to read and you want something that is different and just plain raw sexual and mind blowing then I totally recommend you grab a copy. I think what I loved about this book is that the author was a french noblemen who started writing erotic stories from a young age. He was incarcerated for many years which is where he wrote most of his stories and he was even sent to a mental asylum.
At the moment I seem to have this French connection cause the next book I'm reading is also based in France. It's called ALMOST FRENCH A NEW LIFE IN PARIS. The author is Australian, her name is Sarah Turnbull. I really enjoy reading autobiographies and this one is another great read. I'm almost finished reading it so I will tell you all about it in My next newsletter.

I am also studying french in My spare time and I'm really enjoying it. So, if you live in France let me know as Ido plan to visit some day.
Well dear reader I really hope that you've enjoyed reading My newsletter as I have really enjoyed sharing it with you. Tomorrow I'm heading out to Vipassana which there happens to be a centre here in Wollongong. I attended Vipassana over a year ago. If you've not heard of this well basically its a place where you go for 10 days to meditate and you don't talk to anybody. You mainly just sit in silence. I have to say it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. When I got to day 3 I just wanted to leave. Sitting in silence brings out a lot of emotional things, and when you can't talk to anybody it feels even worse, but I am so glad I stuck with it and on the 10th day it was just amazing as we were finally allowed to chat with the other students and get to hear all about their journey. So once you've completed the 10 days you are now classed as an old student which means you can attend shorter courses. So tomorrow its just for the full day only.

Come and visit Me for a Session in My Dungeon

02-06-18 spanking bench
02-06-18 dung 1
02-06-18 dung 3
02-06-18 dung 2
If you live in Australia and plan to visit Sydney make sure you come down to see me in My dungeon. If you don't live in Australia then you should be planning to come over for a visit, and you better come and see me...or else... I'll be very upset.
Or if you would like me to come to you then all you need to do is book my hotel and plane ticket and Ill be there. See, its that easy.
22-05-2018 Dominatrix V (1) gif
If you have any comments or any suggestions then I would love to hear from you...don't be shy.
Well I will finish off with some photos just for you. Enjoy and I look forward to writing to you at the end of next month.

Au revoir...Ciao...adios amigos...

22-05-2018 Dominatrix V (8)
22-05-2018 Dominatrix V (4) gif
01-05-2018 shower time (1) gif
Wollongong, Australia