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G'day Fluffy,
Well I have finally arrived in the UK. Brighton and Hove(actually). I thought I would never get here, the plane trip was so loooooong and My poor skinny bum was so sore from sitting down for long periods, but here I am safe and sound thank Goddess. Flying is not my favourite pastime.....

Welcome to all my new subscribers and to my regulars. So where do I start, I have so much to tell you. If you are new to My newsletter and you would like to read my previous writings then just scroll down and you'll find the links.

Since My arrival to the UK I've been keeping a low profile and taking it easy as well as sorting out a few things. My friend Mistress Dometrias funeral was on the 29th. It was a lovely service. I miss her so much. On the day I spoke with many of her clients. She had so many loyal players. I have received emails and people contacting me on social media telling me how much of an amazing woman she was and how she helped them to be a better person. She was like that, she would help just about anybody and as mean and cruel she appeared during sessions and through her videos, she had a heart of gold, she was adored by so many people around the world.

Mistress Dometria's family have invited me to manage the day to day running of The Brighton Dungeon and The Brighton Erotic Boudoir on their behalf and I have accepted this role. These past four weeks I have been busy clearing out my friends personal items from the dungeon. There was so much to do but I have finally finished this task.

My next mission was to get access to all her websites and social media platforms and start taking down text and photos and add new information. I am almost done, the websites have been updated though there is still a few more things to add and change but will do that at a later date. I also had 4500 emails to sort through and I happy to say the inbox is clean....

So I now have time to finally start on My newsletter and I can now start work on My own websites. I have been filming short clips during My time sorting out the Brighton dungeon.
I was planning to add these clips to My YouTube channel but I have recently received a strike from them so I'm not able to upload any clips at the moment. Eventually Ill be adding non You Tube friendly clips to My website at some point.
youtube strike


The House of V Fetish Studio will be establishing itself in Brighton once more on a permanent basis. Premises have been secured and the transformation has started.

I have decided to lighten the amount of furniture I have in My storage unit in Australia and I have sold off the heavier and bulky items, although I have acquired a spanking brand new barbers chair for My hair cut fetishes, which by the way, is still in the box. Sadly I will be selling the Fluffy Boudoir pink dressing table along side other dungeon furniture.

This means I am on the look out for vintage furniture to be added to Fluffy Boudoirs Cross Dressing Salon here in Brighton. So, If you are feeling generous and would like to contribute and support me with funds to buy furniture or if you would like to help me ship over all My belongings from Oz then do let me know. I know there are a few really nice second hand vintage furniture stores here in Brighton.

The sooner I have all My belongings the quicker I am able to see My sissy and cross dressing clients. I'm also eager to use My brand new barbers chair for My haircut fetishes. Once all My stuff arrives from Australia, I will be opening the doors of Vee Barberette Fetish Coiffeur and Fluffy Boudoir Cross dressing Salon...I am so excited already. At the moment I am living out of a suitcase...I feel Déjà vu coming on.

So, I am now taking on BDSM clients who enjoy sessions in the dungeon. If you are one of them or if you have never seen me before then you can now contact me to book.

Domina V and Maid Chloe
I will be attending Club Pedestal in London this Thursday 27th to catch up with old friends and to meet up with people who have been wanting to meet me in person. I shall of course have maid Chloe once again at my side..

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Photos from August before leaving Australia

bags and boxes
Stage 1- Packing my stuff ready to be picked up.
my new barber chair KK
This is My barber chair which is still in its box in My storage unit in Oz.
medical cab 2
I've sold My vintage medical cabinet. It went to a good home.
spanking bench 2
I also sold My fetters spanking bench.
standing cage 2
My standing cage now belongs to Mistress Tahlia from Sydney
steel pony
I gave the steel pony to Tammy from T45 The Gong.
While I was packing I found My mask that I've had for many years. I wore this during filming an Aussie TV show called PARTIES.
Domina V fishnet tights
Taking in the warm Aussie sunshine before client arrives.
This Is True, though I never use the word Struggle.
out call session rope bondage
Packing My bag for an Out call rope bondage session
out call bondage
Okay so my rope skills are a little rusty, but I only had an hour and he was tied to his bed.
new converse sneakers
Before I left Oz, one of My foot fetish clients bought Me a going away present, a pair of black converse. I still have My red smelly ones...Hmmm i wonder what I should do with them.

Back In Brighton England August 2018

brightonband stand 05-09-19 (7)
The good old West Pier that burnt down back in March 2003 is still hanging in there.

more unusual cloud formations
Here In Brighton we have beautiful clear blue sky's all the time, but we also get those fuckers spraying chemicals in the air. If you think this is a natural cloud formation then you've been living under a freaking rock.
domina v out and about in brighton
last weekend I was dragged out of the dungoffice (my word for dungeon and office) and I was told that I needed to get some fresh air and sun on my skin. So I did just that, it was nice to see normal people do their normal thing. Here I am at a food festival down by the beach.
The morning of My friends funeral. The last thing I wanted to do was style My hair so I wore a long black wig instead.
chem trails
Chemtrails in Brighton UK, It looked like the letter V
first trip to the beach at brighton bandstand with harry kakoulli
My first trip to Brighton beach. Here at Brighton Bandstand with My good friend Harri Kakoulla. Check out his really awesome music.
my birthday september 18th with lady bellatrix
I had a lovely visit from Lady Bellatrix on My birthday. We ate yummy Greek food, talked our heads off and made plans for possible future projects.
a birthday card
It was My birthday on 18th September, This was the first card a received that day.
my first trip to the dungeon and feeling anxious
My first visit to the dungeon after two and a half years.
greek dinner 22-09-18
Last Saturday one of My favourite subbies took me out to dinner. This would be the third time I've eating here in the past 4 weeks. The food must be good then.
pain tennis elbow
And the last photo for the day is My very sore elbow. The doctor says I have tennis elbow and gave me this thing to wear. I will try to take it easy and not make it worse, hopefully it will get better real soon.

Well I think that's about all. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.
I do have have one more thing to tell you and that is that this will be My last Newsletter.
I have decided that I will just spend the time with My blogs and give the newsletter a rest as right now I have so much going on that finding time to write a newsletter and 2 blogs is a little too much right now... Who knows, I may start up again another time, but don't worry you will receive an email notification every time I post something exciting on My blog, so you wont miss out on anything. Nothings changed, I will still be writing as much though it will be public on My blog.

So that's all folks, thanks for reading thanks for your support and see you at My next blog post.

Be good
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