Your email to me

Okay so I have spoken about this subject before but I was referring to people who fill in my contact forms and don’t make an effort. This time I would like to talk about those of you who email me and make no effort what’s so ever. Back in the days before Internet we would write a letter addressed to someone and you would sign it off with your name.
These days people don’t bother to address it to me or even sign off with a name.
So if you cant be bothered to start your email with something like dear DOMINAV…..then do not expect a reply from me, and its usually these people who do not add their name at the end.
This is common courtesy.  

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Professional Australian Dominatrix, Sissy and Crossdressing Specialist, Fetish Barberette Ex, Hair & Makeup Artist, Queer Femme Kink Performer