Phone Sessions

YAY!!!! I finally got My shit together and I am now offering phone sessions which I absolutely enjoy very much. Check out My new listings to see what interesting topics we can talk about. Just go to My profile at  I Want Phone

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Sydney Tour October 2019

Domina V

Gday g’day g’day Yay, spring is here, it’s a beautiful hot day today and  it’s My birthday on the 18th. So many wonderful things are popping up out of nowhere, how exciting, for Me anyway. So I am planning to be in Sydney from 1st till 6th October. You will need to book in advance and […]

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August post 2019

G’day dear reader.…Thanks for stopping by, Well I am back in Wollongong from Adelaide and it has been full steam ahead. There is never a dull moment in My world I have to say. I’m always catching up on something, but it’s all good. Winter has arrived and to be honest it hasn’t been that […]

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July blog post 2019

Well G’day there, thanks for stopping by. Welcome to My July blog post 2019. Is this your first time here or have you been here before? Well I hope you enjoy the read, I know you will, and make sure you check out My older blog posts, there is so much for you to catch […]

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Post June 2019

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G’day G’day G’day So the last time I wrote to you was in April just after I got back from My Aussie tour. I have now finally settled….well just a little. I am in a good place and things are just getting better day after day. So I’m happy to say that My interview with […]

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