G’day and Welcome to my very kinky fetish blog. Inside you will find all the wonderful things that I get up to. I have been blogging for many years and I really enjoy sharing with you all my adventures and experiences that I’ve had in the past, and still having.

If you don’t already know, I did have 3 blogs going at the same time (what was I thinking) but it was just getting too difficult for me trying to keep them all updated when all I really wanted to do was to share my stuff with everyone without the stress of writing for different audiences. So, I have combined all My 3 blogs into the one which was Dominatrix V, The Fluffy Boudoir Sissies & Cross-Dressing Salon and last but not least Violetta De Rose Queer Femme Kink performer. I’m sure the reason you are here is that something that I do has tickled your fancy, and I’m so happy that you have stopped by.

If you are a Sissy and Cross dressing fan then why not visit The Fluffy Boudoir blog which I have kept…yes just for you.

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